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Michael Brainin

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Benjamin, IJ.: Kreutz, R.; Olsen, MH.; Schutte, AE.; Lopez-Jaramillo, P.; Frieden, TR.; Sliwa, K.; Lackland, DT.; Brainin, M. (2019). Fixed-dose combination antihypertensive medications. Lancet, 394(10199): 637-638

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Brainin, M. (2018). Prevention of Stroke: Antihypertensives, Cholesterol-Lowering, Drugs, Antithrombotics, Anticoagulation, Carotid Surgery and Stenting. Hamdan Medical Journal, 11/1: 10.4103/2227-2437 228869

Brainin, M. (2018). Secondary Stroke Prevention offers now more choices and is critical to reduce the burden of recurrent stroke and death. Hamdan Medical Journal, 11/1: 10.4103/2227-2437228868

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World Congress Neurology, Dubai, UAE, 27.10.2019

Global Burden of Stroke

Regional WSO Meeting, Manila, Philipines, 05.10.2019

Non-invasive Repeated Therapeutic Stimulation for Aphasia Recovery (NORTHSTAR): delayed effect on core language outcomes

Canadian Stroke Conference, Ottawa, Canada, 04.10.2019

Challenges & Perspectives in Neuro recovery

13th biennial convention of the Asean neurological association & 4th biennial Myanmar neurological conference, 20.09.2019

Cerebrolysin-Challenges and perspectives in Neurorecovery

ESOC Congress Milano, Italy, 23.05.2019

The global burden of stroke: Prevention is the issue

Congress of the Korean Stroke Society, Seoul, Korea, 27.04.2019

Primary Stroke Prevention (from the view of the WSO)

Chinese Congress of Cerebrovascular Diseases, Nanjing, China, 12.04.2019

Efficacy of stroke units

Doctoral School Neuroscience, Cluj Napoca, 21.02.2019

The global stroke epidemic: prevention is the main issue

Doctoral School Neuroscience, Cluj Napoca, Rumänien, 21.02.2019

Functional anatomy of the brain

Doctoral School Neuroscience, Cluj Napoca, Rumänien, 21.02.2019

Post-Stroke cognitive decline: intervention trials for prevention and treatment

Doctoral School Neuroscience, Cluj Napoca, Rumänien, 21.02.2019

Schlaganfall aus globaler Sicht

Medizin im Museum, Wien, 15.12.2018

Ischemic stroke of non-cardiac origin

World Congress of Cardiology, Dubai, 06.12.2018

Access to medicines and vaccines-challenges and next steps

3rd Global Summit on Circulatory Health, Dubai, 05.12.2018

Using GBD stroke estimates to inform policy of the World Stroke Organisation

Global Burden of Disease Summit, Auckland, 27.11.2018

New issues in Post-Stroke Cognitive Decline

Global Burden of Diseases Summit, Auckland, 26.11.2018

The Global Burden of Stroke and Prevention

St. Anne University Hospital, International Clinical Research Center, Brno, Czech Republic, 09.11.2018

The Global Stroke Epidemic: prevention is the main issue

14th Congress for the study of Neuroprotection and Neuroplasticity Costa del Sol, Spain , 04.10.2018

Does Inflammation Play a Key Role in the Development of Post Stroke Cognitive Impairment

World Stroke Congress, 02.10.2018

Keynote Lecture: The burden of Stroke: Prevention is the issue

25th International Mondsee Medical Meeting, Salzburg, 14.09.2018

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