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Research and Consulting

Department for Arts and Cultural Sciences

P. Sermon, Telematic Dreaming

The far-reaching transformation process of our art and culture and their institutions triggered by new media are at the center of the interdisciplinary research focuses.
The academic competences allow for innovative methods of approaching art in the oscillating tension between individual, society, economics and aesthetics. A particular emphasis is placed on the challenges facing artists and creative professionals as a consequence of digitization and globalization and the ensuing changes in production, distribution and reception, with a focus on convergence processes in media and the arts, as well as on the importance of participatory training strategies for arts and culture management.


The Department for Arts and Cultural Sciences holds a number of collections:


  • The Mailer/Strauss Archive of the Danube University Krems is a collection of documents and records on the music and lives of the musicians of the Strauss dynasty. They are the starting point for the extensive scientific review of the resources on the emergence of the music industry structures in dance and entertainment music in the 19th century within the research project of the Music Collection of the Vienna Library.
  • Archives of Contemporary Arts - Collection of Literary Estates was founded in 2010 by the Lower Austrian provincial government. The comprehensive premortem bequests by the composer Friedrich Cerha, the writer Peter Turrini and the architect Wolf D. Prix are collected and archived here, scientifically accounted for by a team from the Danube University Krems.