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Department for Building and Environment

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Our aim is to make knowledge effective. That’s why our programs address decision makers from the building and real estate industry. The postgraduate programs are developed for working people, are threrefore offered on a part-time basis and are in accordance with the participants’ needs regarding practical orientation, time efficiency and focus on the future.

The seminars and certified programs are aimed at companies and public institutions. Our product portfolio is complemented by tailored programs for companies and public institutions.

The following programs of the Centers for Architectural Heritage and InfrastructureClimate-Engineering, Real Estate and Facility Management, Environmental SensitivityConstruction and Real Estate Industruy and Prodection of Cultural Property are offered:



  • Cultural Property Protection, Master of Science - MSc, Academic Expert - AE, Certified Program
  • Energy Consulting, Master of Science - MSc, Academic Expert - AE
  • Facility Management, Master of Science - MSc
  • Future Building Solutions, Master of Science - MSc
  • International Real Estate Valuation, Master of Science - MSc, Academic Expert - AE
  • Lightweight Membrane Structures, Master of Engineering - MEng
  • Real Estate Management, Master of Science - MSc
  • Refurbishment and Revitalisation, Master of Science - MSc, Academic Expert - AE


We offer our teaching in modules with different focuses. Therefore the modules can be attended as single modules, in the succession of the entire program or in an individual arrangement.

In our programs and seminars there meet highly motivated personalities to design their professional life more efficiently, in a more successful and highly responsible way. In that environment contacts and networks form that open up new possibilities.

We offer (day) seminars and certified programs with up to 36 days of presence for companies and public institutions.

Our clients are:
Hypo Alpe Adria International Bank
MA 34 Bau und Gebäudemanagement der Gemeinde Wien
Bildungsprogramm der NÖ Landesklinkenholding
niederösterreichen Sanierungsberater
Wiener Wohnen
For these companies and institutions we conduct seminars and certified programs on issues of facility management, real estate economics and refurbishment.