Research projects

Department for European Policy and the Study of Democracy

The Department for European Policy and the Study of Democracy will focus on the institutions of the EU, the European governance structure and its flaws, the democratic deficit of the EU and the future of European democracy. Questions of participation and representation in the European policy system will be central. Further, it will concentrate on the research of current phenomena of populism and nationalism in contemporary Europe.

The Department will also dedicate research to the role of the regions in Europe. Keywords here are European identity, horizontal Europeanization and European public opinion & media. A special focus will be given to the generational dynamics of the European discourse.

The Department wants to deliver a relevant contribution to the current public discussion about the future of Europe and the EU. This includes a scientific and policy relevant occupation with the current European crisis as there are the refugee crisis, the Brexit discussion or the European terror problem with respect to the decision making and acting capacity of the EU.


Focus of Research, Courses & Conferences

The EU & its institutions

  • The democratic deficit in the European  Governance-Structure & Euro crisis
  • National Parliaments and European democracy
  • A newly designed European parlamentarism
  • The study of European institutions  
  • The history of Europe between deepening & widening

Europe’s role in the world and the role of the member countries of the EU

  • The external relations of the EU in theory & praxis
  • Austria in Europe – Austria in the EU
  • Germany’s role in the European institutions
  • France, the South of Europe and the Mediterranean  
  • Euro-Atlantic Relations

Current research fields in the Study of Democracy

  • Phenomena of populism and nationalism
  • Participation & representation in Europe
  • The state in Europe and transnational democracy
  • European regions, European particularism & European identity
  • Social crisis & social movements in Europe
  • Horizontal European society
  • European medialization & European public
  • Gender and Europe: The European crisis as of European masculinity
  • Generational dynamics in the European Discourse: what does the European youth want?
  • European refugee policy: Chance or overstretch?
  • Europe and Terror

Theoretical concepts

  • Democracy – notion without meaning?
  • The notion of Republic in European political philosophy
  • Die societal relevance of utopian thinking
  • Governance: Political steering capacity in postmodern Europe



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Guérot

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