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„Regional Parliaments in Europe“: kick-off of the intervention- and research project

The intervention and research project "Future of Democracy in EU-ropa" was successfully launched at the Danube University Krems on 1st of February. One sub-project is dedicated to regional parliaments and the future of European democracy therein involved is the Department of European Policy and Democracy Research accompanying the research. "Regional Parliaments in Europe" is funded by the Forum Morgen Foundation and the 5-year sub-project’s core consists of scientifically guided interventions (workshops) with regional parliaments throughout Europe. Having the responsibility for the operative part of the project the European Democracy Lab, located at the European School of Governance (EuSG) in Berlin, will plan and subsequently conduct these interventions decisively. The team working in Berlin will receive scientific advice and supervision from Prof. Ulrike Guérot in proven form and as part of the following scientific research, Dr. Elisabeth Donat will investigate the operation mode on the interventions to then, supported by the project team, carry out the evaluation of the interventions’ results to consequently prepare these in a practice-relevant manner.

In order to focus on the role of the regions in Europe the working process with the regional parliaments will examine the following: What impact do the regions have? Do they influence European policies? What structures and networks exist on a regional, national and European level? How do the regional parliamentarians carry out their role as an interface between citizens and the European Union? Which opportunities for exerting influence in the future might regional parliaments wish to see at a European level? Ultimately a major concern for the project team is transferring the derived knowledge to a broader public as well as developing results on a transdisciplinary bases. Therefore intensive media work set on a local and regional level should be side by side the project interventions’ and outcome.

The Danube University Krems was able to bring the European Democracy Lab at the EuSG in Berlin, the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, the Jagiellonian University of Krakow and the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin as project partners on board.  The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence PRRIDE at the University of Tübingen is involved in the project and concerning the topic "Regions and Europe" it is one of the most important players of research while the Center for European Studies at the Jagiellonian University of Krakow is renowned for its top-class research projects in the field of European and Democratic Studies. Alongside, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin’s research will primarily focus on socio-economic aspects of regional and European politics.
The first year of the project will concentrate on the preparation of the extensive scientific and operational work. In 2019 a scientific conference on "Regions and Europe" will be held, followed by the first interventions in spring. Information on the planned kick-off conference will be available here shortly.


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