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Centre for E-Governance

The Centre for E-Governance is a leading Austrian competence centre for continuing education in E-Governance and related disciplines, including law, organisational theory and information technology.Our objective is for students to gain the ability to analyse problems and find solutions. Students learn to work on their own and in teams through different teaching formats which include lectures, workshops, case studies and projects. In the Master’s courses students work on two written assessments, a team project and a Master Thesis.


Students can choose from a range of post-graduate programs, including seminars, academic certificates, and Master’s degrees. The courses are offered in a part-time format so that students can study whilst pursuing their work and careers.

The lecturers are Austrian and international academics, experts and professionals who cover a wide range of disciplines within the area of management and information technologies. This provides students with a theoretical framework as well as usable and applicable solutions. It is the combination of theory and practice which gives our students the most up-to-date information and knowledge in the area of E-Governance.


Our continuing competence has been honoured by various grants received by the federal public administration of Lower Austria, the Austrian state and the European Community. Successful projects include Kommunalnet, a platform that provides municipalities with the infrastructure necessary for providing E-Government services. Some of the projects we are presently working on are WE-GO, which aims to enhance western Balkan e-Government expertise, and E-DEM, based on a working group in the Austrian Chancellery.

Our Partners

Our partners include the Austrian Chancellery (BKA), the Austrian Federal Computing Centre (BRZ), Unisys Austria and the Lower Austrian School for Municipal Administration and Academy for Federal Affairs (NÖ Gemeindeverwaltungsschule und Kommunalakademie). We have acted as academic partner for a number of EU-funded projects.
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