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Laboratory equipment and infrastructure



The laboratory equipment, technical resources, and modelling tools of DISS are predominantly dedicated to the development, testing, and characterization of sensor/actuator devices as well as networked embedded devices. The fabrication is carried out by our staff at partner institutions or our project partners. The following list contains the main capabilities at DISS, which is available within research projects, but also offered as service:


  • High-end measurement equipment for electronics and sensor development like spectrum analyzer (13.6 GHz), network analyzer, 20 GS/s oscilloscopes, network measurement infrastructure
  • Digital holographic microscope R-2100 from Lyncee Tec for e.g. vibrating MEMS analysis. The Holographic MEMS Analyzer measures 3D vibrations over the full field of view without XYZ scanning. Dynamical 3D topography is recorded in the frequency range from static to 25 MHz. The vibrations resolution is 1 nm in-plane, 5 pm out-of-plane.
  • Testing equipment for magnetic sensors: magnetoresistance and magnetization (alternating gradient magnetometer (AGM) and magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE)) measurements in linear and rotating fields up to 0.5 T. Magnetoresistance and MOKE can also be measured inside of a non-magnetic vacuum chamber down to 1 Pa in the temperature range of 20 K to 450 K (cryostat).
  • Noise measurement of sensors / components: electronic and magnetic noise in the temperature range of 20 K to 450 K (cryostat).
  • Simulation and modeling: multi-physics of thermal, thermomechanical, fluidic, and electromagnetic properties (COMSOL, ANSYS HFSS, and others) , micromagnetic modeling (OOMMF, FEM), optics of nano-objects (discrete dipole approximation), networks and distributed clocks (OMNeT++, ns-3)
  • Generation of analytical models, mathematical context and efficient control algorithm for measurement and control tasks
  • Modern design software (Altera, Xilinx, Mentor) for electronic systems, layout of integrated circuits (ASIC, ROIC), development of integrated circuits on logic devices (FPGA), and printed circuit boards (PCB) layout
  • Manufacturing of demonstrators, prototypes, and small batches. Equipment includes a repair workstation for PCBs and a micro milling machine.
  • Climate chamber for characterization of electronic systems and sensors from -40 °C to 180 °C. Maximum object size up to 62 x 36 x 89 cm.
  • Access to external infrastructure for prototypic MEMS/NEMS manufacturing (e.g. Vienna University of Technology: clean room class 100 - 10.000)


Photo: DISS/Lechner/ ZOOM
Photo: DISS/Lechner/ ZOOM
Photo: DISS/Lechner/ ZOOM