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Center for Distributed Systems and Sensor Networks



With growing complexity of sensor networks, suitable concepts for integrating sensor networks into other systems gain importance. The long-term challenge is to devise new methods for operation and management which can accommodate the requirements of high level applications and backbone network integration on the resource constrained nodes in a sensor network.


Security, scalability, real-time behavior, and compatible interconnection to existing systems (vertical integration) are the key issues for future systems and play a key role in the development of sensor systems and their applications. The goal is to provide seamless integration of simple sensors and sensor networks into high-performance backbones.


The Department for Integrated Sensor Systems focuses on the following research topics to provide system-capable and secure sensors and sensor systems:


  • Security in sensor networks protecting data as soon as they are generated
  • Coordination and data management to have the right data at the right time at the right location, including vertical integration of cyber physical systems and sensors towards IT systems
  • Localization and clock synchronization to precisely know when and where data is generated


Examples for application areas that require such a holistic view of sensor systems and networks are energy efficient building and factory automation (industry 4.0), smart grids, automotive applications, and sensor networks for environmental monitoring.


Photo: DISS
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