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Department for Health Sciences, Medicine and Research

The Department of Health Sciences and Biomedicine provides highly specialised post-graduate study programmes in selected medical disciplines and strives for research excellence in biomedical technology and regenerative medicine. The department aspires to be market leader for continuing education in health services management, future-oriented technologies such as nanomedicine and bioinformatics, all aspects of clinical medicine with special emphasis on internal medicine, regenerative medicine including orthopaedics, sports medicine and complementary medicine.

Research activities are focused on developing and strengthening the department’s internationally recognised position with regard to advancing extracorporeal blood purification systems in collaboration with strategic partners, as well as R&D in regenerative medicine, particularly in the field of muscular-skeletal systems and cellular therapy and diagnostics.

Besides, the Department of Health Sciences and Biomedicine meets the challenge of combining clinical research on the therapeutic effectiveness of conventional medicine with methods of TCM and complementary medicine– aiming at promoting evidence based practice and an evidence based approach for the latter.

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