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Center for Health Sciences and Medicine

The Center for Health Sciences and Medicine focuses on curriculum-, programme- and course development in the area of technical medical services & healthcare technology as well as on post graduate courses for professionals in the medical field.

The academisation of medical professions has always been a major focus of Danube University and can be interpreted in the context of the upgrading of the respective medical training schools and colleges in the course of the so-called Bologna Process. Since then high quality and standardised advanced training and continuing education have been gaining more importance in the postgraduate sector. The vast amount of knowledge available in the medical field asks for structured and applicable learning opportunities in order to provide medical professionals with basic research skills but also with practical contents.

The Center for Health Sciences and Medicine offers a broad range of subject-specific and interdisciplinary courses. Close collaboration with the professional bodies and associations allows us to develop high-quality, academic but work-related study programmes. We currently provide courses within the area of physiotherapy and logopaedics (speech therapy) which are also delivered in co-operation with our partner institutions in Germany, as well as programmes in nutrition sciences and medical education.

Center for Health Sciences