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The Krems Intensive Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Biomaterials

An intensive introduction to biomaterials, medical devices and biocompatibility presented by experts in the field.
- bring those new to biomaterials “up to speed” with a broad overview
- discuss the latest trends, issues, controversies
- meet biomaterials experts and leaders

Award for summer student

Center for Biomedical Technology

Summer student receives award for excellent research report


In the framework of the "Austrian Society of Orthopaedics" (OEGO) organized "Tour Orthopaedie", concepts and research results about the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system were discussed.

Grand Opening of the Austro-Arab Center for Postgraduate Education, Research and Medical Affairs

A new center has been opened

On the 8th of may a new Austro-Arab Center for Postgraduate Education, Research and Medical Affairs has been opened. A large number of arabic ambassadors were attending the opening cerenomy.

Announcement of New Mini-MBA Course

Mini-MBA Translation of Science into Business

This course program targeting on the multidiscipline need of the bio-business, will draw on a rich experience of leaders in this industry and offer insight on how to translate scientific excellence through a chain of processes into successful business. The course program encompasses most of the functional areas in today’s bio-industry and will enable the participants to understand the fundamentals on how to capitalize on scientific breakthroughs, exploit growth and business opportunities and advance products from laboratory into the market place.


Congress of the European Society for Artificial Organs

In 2007, the international congress of the ESAO (European Society for Artificial Organs) will be held in Krems.