Research - Psychosocial Medicine and Psychotherapy
The federal law concerning “the University for Continuing Education in Krems”, the Danube University Krems (DUK Law 2004) paragraph 4.2.2, in the framework of its operational sphere and tasks, stipulates the following:

Scientific research to support the teaching of the university courses.

The department of Psychotherapy and Biopsychosocial Health has been satisfying this requirement since it was founded in 1999.

Counselling, Supervision and Coaching
Psychotherapeutic Medicine
Psychosocial Interventions

Risks, Side-Effects and Damages caused by Psychotherapy
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anton Leitner, MSc

Scientific cooperation: Prof. Dr. Michael Märtens

Research team: Mag. Dr. Claudia Höfner, MSc, Mag. Alexandra Koschier, Mag. Dr. Katharina Gerlich, Heidemarie Hinterwallner MA MA, Gregor Liegl, Mag. Gerhard Hintenberger, Dr. Brigitte Schigl, MSc.

Effective treatment causes side effects; this applies for medical interventions and psychotherapy alike. Due to its specific setting it is unusual to focus on risks and damages within psychotherapy.

Today psychological problems represent one of four most common causes of sick leave and will increase considerably in the future. Psychosomatic disease patterns and affective disorders such as depression are on the rise and present new challenges for healthcare systems and psychotherapy.
Psychotherapy focuses on the therapeutic relationship with the client / patient as well as their social environment. The healing process is dialogical and polylogical as well as vulnerable throughout all schools of psychotherapy: The quality of the therapeutic relationship is central to a cure.

Attribute or Dogma?
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anton Leitner, MSc

Research team: Mag. Alexandra Koschier, Dr. Katharina Gerlich, Bakk.phil. Heidemarie Hinterwallner, MMA, Gregor Liegl, Prof. Dr. Michael Märtens

Can “individual psychotherapy” guarantee the quality of practise of every graduate in psychotherapeutic training? Does every trainee need the same amount of “individual psychotherapy” contact hours?

Team of the Department