Center for Management in Healthcare Center for Evidence-based Health Economics Team

Center for Evidence-based Health Economics

Health care is of considerable economic importance in many respects. Apart from the individual benefit of health, the output of health services is essential to maintain the productivity and performance of the entire economy. Moreover, health care organizations have significant employment and value-creation effects.

Currently, the rising costs of health care play a leading role in public perception. Due to demographic changes, the proportion of people who require extensive and long-term medical care is increasing. At the same time, advances in medicine and medical device technology are growing continuously. Providing adequate care to people with severe and chronic diseases and enabling them to live a relatively normal life, requires considerable social resources. It is a matter of social and ethic responsibility to use the available resources for the health care of the total population in the most efficient and effective way, considering also the balance between costs and benefits.

The research area of the department covers management, economics and health sciences issues. Research projects focus on the efficient and effective use of resources in health care. The primary aim is to analyse concepts for improving the performance of health systems based on empirical evidence.

Center for Evidence-based Health Economics