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Faculty of Education, Arts and Architecture

Danube University Krems

In this time of huge challenges, the successful development of our society is dependent on our ability to perceive and shape things in a sophisticated, sensitive and appropriate manner, more than ever before. The prerequisites for this ability are comprehensive education as well as possessing both the willingness and the necessary opportunities for lifelong learning.

This is why the main focus of the teaching and research activities of the Faculty of Education, Arts and Architecture is on opening up structuring scenarios applicable to education and supported by technology, enhancing artistic quality while taking into account the conflicting demands of aesthetic aspirations and the free market, establishing sustainability in the realm of actual buildings, settlements and infrastructure as well as on participating in our culture's transformation processes through the new media.

The artistic approach and scientific research efforts are complementing each other by means of interdisciplinary work, representing valid forms of knowledge acquisition and the foundation of teaching.