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Faculty of Business and Globalization

Danube University Krems

In the era of globalization interconnectivity and complexity are increasing at growing pace. For shaping the future – in view of society, economy, technology and administration – within this context one needs cutting-edge approaches, innovative methods and connected thinking. The Faculty of Business and Globalization is following the principle of transdisciplinarity as a way of mutual learning between science and society in teaching and research.

The Faculty of Business and Globalization offers continuing university education within a broad range of economics and management sciences, business and international law, public administration and e-governance, migration and integration as well as communication and knowledge management. In their postgraduate study courses – like certified programs, master programs and the PhD-course „Migration Studies“ – an interdisciplinary team of experienced lecturers promotes method-driven thinking and independent work using many-faceted forms of teaching. The Faculty not only imparts expert knowledge but also management know-how and social competencies required for dealing with an increasingly pluralistic society.

The Faculty's research focuses on the topics of migration and integration, e-government, social peace, sustainability, security – especially with regards to cybercrime and to mobility systems of the future –, business and copyright law, European policy and the study of democracy as well as on innovation and visualization. In three transdisciplinary laboratories – on e-government, sustainable digitalization and sustainable resource-management – we are exploring new models of collaboration between science and practice. Additionally, interdisciplinary teams offer advice, counseling and training for entrepreneurs, NGOs and decision makers in the world of politics and public administration.