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File Access for Students (NetStorage)

IT Service - Danube University Krems

Novell NetStorage provides an easy solution to access your files via the internet. Novell permits secure file access from every web-enabled computer without first having to install or download anything – you only need an internet browser.



Internet access, internet browser


In your browser please select Webportal (NetStorage) (

EDV-Service - NetStorage 1/6


After selecting Open NetStorage you will be taken to the NetStorage registration page:


EDV-Service - NetStorage 2/6



Once you have entered your login data accurately you will have access to your files in NetStorage. You have access to your M:drive (personal) and N:drive (shared), and, if the program director has applied for a G:drive (course program) you will also have access to this.


Basic commands in NetStorage via the Internet browser:

Download files (transfer files from the DUK drives to your computer):
With the right mouse button, click on the file you want to download. Select download (Herunterladen).


EDV-Service - NetStorage 3/6

The following window will open:


EDV-Service - NetStorage 4/6


By clicking on save file the file will be downloaded. Depending on your browser settings, the file will be saved automatically in the folder configured for it, or you have the option to choose where it should be saved to.
Upload files (transfer files from your computer to DUK drives):
In Netstorage, select the folder to which you want to upload the file. In the menu, click on file and upload (Heraufladen).


EDV-Service - NetStorage 5/6


In the window below you can select the file that you want to transfer from your computer to your DUK storage space. By clicking on the green + symbol, you can select other files to be transferred.


EDV-Service - NetStorage 6/6


After selecting the file on your hard disk, the file will be copied from your computer to the DUK drive.


Using NetStorage and risks

The advantage of using NetStorage is that you login exactly the same way as on a DUK computer and that you have the same drives as on a personal computer at DUK.

Menu navigation is largely self-explanatory, the pull-down arrows beside the files and file icons display a context menu to edit the respective objects. You can open a file in a locally installed application (e.g. Word, Excel ...) by double-clicking on it in the NetStorage window, and edit the document locally. Attention: after editing and saving the document, it must be uploaded again!

This means that you can view the contents of the files by double-clicking on them. The document only has to be uploaded again if you make any changes to it and save the changes (only possible locally.)

Please note that a document you have already edited can be downloaded at any time by other colleagues using NetStorage and that several versions of this document will exist, and that by uploading you may overwrite the “downloaded versions” of the others. This risk, of course, applies only to the shared drives and not the personal drives to which no one else has access.
Please also note that by executing the „delete“ command, the file will be permanently deleted from the server and that the file will therefore not be available on the personal computer anymore.
The DUK server is scanned for viruses. However, we recommend you use an anti-virus program at home, too.