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IT Service - Danube University Krems

You have several possibilities of using your Danube University Krems mailbox. Either you use a Mailclient (SMTP, Pop3/IMAP) or a web browser.
With an email client you can send and receive messages; with the web browser you can also send and receive messages, or set up mail forwarding instead.


SMTP, Pop3/IMAP enabled e-mail client

You will need the following data to use and configure your Danube University Krems mailbox with an e-mail client:

  • Your login data
  • SMTP server:, Port 25 – „STARTTLS“ is possible for secure connection
  • Pop3-Sever:, Port 110 or Port 995 for secure connection
  • IMAP:, Port 143 or Port 993 for secure connection


GroupWise web access in the web browser

The following only explains the most basic functions for you to start work immediately.

When you enter the address GroupWise Webaccess ( in your browser, this registration window will open:


Groupwise - Webacces 1/9


Either click on "This is a public or shared computer" or on "This is a private computer".
The option you select will influence the timeout intervals. Data protection foresees shorter WebAccess timeout intervals when using public or shared computers. .

You can select the language by clicking on the Options button. If you are using a mobile device, activate the Use basic interface option.
Basic interface uses limited features and graphics. It was developed for basic tasks while setting up GroupWise web access. To close the basic interface, close all web browsers and re-start WebAccess. Then cancel the Use basic interface option.

After successful login, you will be taken to the GroupWise WebAccess main screen:


Groupwise - Webacces 2/9


Writing e-mails

To write a new e-mail, please click on the Mail button in the task bar at the top of the main screen. In the next window that opens you can write your e-mail:


Groupwise - Webacces 3/9


Here you can write your e-mail in the usual manner and send it by clicking on Send on the top left. To add an attachment, click on Attachments.


Opening and replying to e-mails:

Double-click to open the received e-mail:


 Groupwise - Webacces 4/9



Here you can reply to the e-mail in the usual way.

Setting up e-mail forwarding:

In the main window, click on the “cog” icon and select Options:
Hier können Sie wie gewohnt mittels Antwort das Mail beantworten.



Groupwise - Webacces 5/9 


The following window will open:

 Groupwise - Webacces 6/9


Please click on Rules and then select Forward:


Groupwise - Webacces 7/9


Then click on the button Create.
In the Rule Name field please enter a name of your choice for the forwarding rule. In the field To: please enter the e-mail address to which you would like to forward your messages to.


Groupwise - Webacces 8/9


If you would like to forward all e-mails to your external account, choose OK in response to the following message


Groupwise - Webacces 9/9


And then Save the rule. 


You have now activated mail forwarding to your external mailbox.


Please note:

  • The original senders of the e-mails that are now forwarded to your external mailbox will be displayed. This means you can reply directly to the e-mails in your external mailbox.
  • If e-mails from the Danube University Krems appear in your external mailbox, simply enter a message text in the rule.
  • The mailbox is limited to 100 MB. Therefore please clean up your mailbox to get rid of junk. If you forward your e-mails to an external address, you can also set up a rule in your mailbox that deletes mails from Danube University Krems immediately