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EU Information Networks

It seems to be almost impossible to present all information relays initiated by the European Union. Four of the most important information networks are described as follows.

Europe Direct

The Europe Direct is the citizens' relay and intended to intensify dialogues about Europe. It gives general information and guidelines related to the European Union. They operate unbureaucratically, directly and without charge.
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Austrian Europe Direct Centres

Team Europe

A group of about 20 independent experts, standing by for all possible occasions to give a talk on several EU specific subjects.
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Enterprise Europe Network

The economic aligned network. Especially prepared for SMEs (small and medium enterprises). Should be a platform for advisories and exchange of ideas. Responsibility in Austria: Economic chambers.
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Austrian Enterprise Europe Centres

European Documentation Centres

The academic relay. Ready for supporting and promoting teaching and researching in the field of European integration. The EDCs keep the oldest and most extensive holdings under their responsibility having changed distinctly from paper to digital media. Responsibility in Austria: Universities.
Database for retrieving special EDCs in different EU countries
European Homepage of EDCs