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2013 Artist in Residence

As a member of the Kunstmeile Krems, Danube University Krems invites an artist to work for a period of time in the specific atmosphere of the campus and the cultural landscape of the Wachau, and to participate in the “art and science” dialogue regularly.
Campus Cultur

Andrea Palasti

Andrea Palasti 03 1

Andrea Palašti (Novi Sad,1984) obtained her BFA and MFA degree from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad at the department of Photography. Since 2006 she has been exhibiting widely and working together with other artists, artistic collectives and initiatives. Palašti has been awarded grants from the Secretary of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, Hungarian National Cultural Fund, Balassi Institute, University of Novi Sad, and residencies at the Danube University Krems - Campus Culture, Nida Art Colony and AIR Krems. In 2013 she was awarded the 54th October Salon Award for her work Balkan Disco. As a stipendist of the Ministry
of Science of the Republic of Serbia, she is currently a PhD fellow at the University of Arts, at the department for Art and Media Theory in Belgrade. She is working across artistic and curatorial boundaries that centers on context - specific uses of art, with particular attention to socio-cultural processes.

2010 Aliu O. Olatunji

Foto Aliu Eniyan

The Nigerian choreographer and dancer Aliu Olanrewaju Olatunji was invited for beeing Artist in Residence at Danube University Krems in 2010. During his stay at Campus Krems he took part at luctures and courses and presented his dance performance ENI'YAN at the Audimax of the University.

2009 Xiaoyong Chen


Xiaoyong Chen, an internationally respected Chinese composer, was Composer in Residence in 2009 at Danube University Krems. Chen links Asian musical tradition and European contemporary musical styles. At Campus Krems he gave lectures and courses and received the commission to compose a musical work that was presented at the Audimax in May, 2009.

2007 Regina Sulskyte

Regina Sulskyte

Regina Sulskyte, a Lithuanian photographer, was elected for Artist in Residence in the tender procedure "Young Photography from the Baltic States" of the Danube University Krems in 2007. She worked at the Campus Krems and its surroundings and created a new cycle of photographs. Besides she presented her latest photographs that express the feminity and its major existential questions "Mein Schlafzimmer / My bedroom".

2005 Franghiz Ali-Zadeh

Ali Zadeh03

Franghiz Ali-Zadeh was Composer in Residence of the Danube University Krems in 2005 and lived in one of the ateliers of the Art Mile in Krems. Ali-Zadeh is a worldwide renowed composer of contemporary music. One of her orchestral works "Sabah" was premiered in Austria by the "ensemble XX. jahrhundert" at the Audimax of Danube University Krems in November, 2005.

2004 Lucia Figueroa

Lucia Figueroa Air 2004

As first Artist in Residence of Danube University Krems was chosen Lucia Figueroa, an Argentinian sculptress linving in Germany since 1975, in 2005. She worked at an atelier at Campus Krems, held open workshops and gave an insight into her artistic work to employees and students of Danube University Krems. She developed her own artistic process/technique to create even large objects by using only paper and tincture.