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Gerda Lampalzer

Media Installation "Translation" (2008)
Translation by Gerda Lampalzer

Texts in four languages (English, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish) were taken apart to the smallest of units and again rebuilt by Gerda Lampalzer. The lovely and listenable result is a four channel installation of choreographed and artful texts with a fully new meaning. In the spring of 2008, the multiple awarded media installation was officially presented and opened at the Danube University Krems in the presence of the Vienna artist.

Homepage of Gerda Lampalzer

Heinz Gappmayr

Fluorescent Lamp Installation (2007)
Lamp Installation

The arrangement of light source that are mounted to the wall surfaces between the story levels delivers the impression of a progression of upright and horizontal rays. The installation of the Innsbruck artist Heinz Gappmayr thus results in a type of artful-like routeing system. A development was completed with this work at the end of 2007, which began with the design of the Stiegenhouse West in the year 2000.

Katharina Grosse

Wall Paintings in Staircase (2006)
Photo: Bernd Mechler ZOOM

At the end of August 2006, a new artistic work was created in the staircase of the eastern section of the University. Just as in earlier installations, the painter Katharina Grosse worked with brilliant acryl colors, which were applied using a spray pistol. A river of fluid appears as a color flowing from the roof to the basement. Due to the contrast achieved between painted and white color wall surface, this work is an ideal complement to the paneling of the staircase in the western sector.

Homepage of Katharina Grosse

Iris Andraschek/Hubert Lobnig

Life between Buildings – The Tree of Life and Kalaschnikow (2005)
Life between Buildings

At the forum of Campus Krems, the central place of the landscape, 21 surfaces were marqueed in concrete and the lawn in accordance with historical and actual templates. They are made in a mosaic technology, and are composed of 1.2 million stones, in total. Thus an imaginary and place is created that structures and delivers an invitation to the forum, in to use it as a meeting place and a place of stay.

Homepage of Hubert Lobnig

Peanutz Architects

LOOPs (2005)

The „Peanutz Architects“ from Berlin assumed band-like structures during design of the main University entrance. New bands were added, then rolled up to an 18 meter high sign, and then connected to a water surface. This method came from the central work theme of the artists, so-called “Tuning”. The work should disrupt the existing code of the venue, and then “reload” it semantically.

Homepage of Peanutz Architects

Peter Kogler/Marcus Geiger

Staircase Wall Installation (2000)
Installation Kogler/Geiger

The wall installation in the west wing of the University was realised by Peter Kogler and Marcus Geiger in connection with the opening of the Department of Cultural Studies. It consists of the “motif” of the bubble as a biomorphic form that stretches in a labyrinthine manner through the entire space of the staircase. The installation should be viewed in correspondence with the staircase installation by Peter Kogler in the Kunsthalle Krems.

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Homepage of Peter Kogler

Günter Wolfsberger

Kinetic Fountain: "Lisboa" (2000)
Fountain Wolfsberger

The interactive “Kinetic Fountain”, which was presented at the World Exhibition in Lisbon, is located in the entrance area of the University. It uses the interaction of air and water and is activated by persons in its vicinity. As soon as someone approaches the fountain, the water starts swinging. The installation is intended to invite passers-by to a moment of relaxation, in a similar way to the influence of water moving at the bank of a stream.

More information about the work of art
Homepage of Günter Wolfsberger

Dara Birnbaum

Wall Installation: "Damnation of Faust" (1984)
Installation Birnbaum

The wall installation Damnation of Faust from the New York media artist in the central wing (foyer, 1st floor) analyses and alienates everyday pictures and by considering the Faust myth, approaches our concepts of lost innocence. Dara Birnbaum deals consistently with the forms of expression and modi operandi of mass media and with the representation of women in this sector.

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