Certified Program
Agile Organizations & Collective Leadership

Certified Program
Master of Business Administration

Agile Organizations & Collective Leadership, CP

Mind the future. Knowledge for future organization & leadership.


Models and tools for organization and leadership are shaped by the prevailing challenges of their time. As we face, in the near future, evermore dynamic and complex environments, it will not be sufficient to change behavior within existing mental models. Moreover, we will need a radical rethinking regarding our understanding of organization and governance.

Agility, often cited as key competence for dynamic environments, is a complex trait of the whole organization. It is not only about speed or creativity, it is about a comprehensive organizational mindset. It is the ability to permanently include changing developments without loosing sight of purpose and alignment, thus determining and taking the best action in specific situations within highly dynamic environments.

The program ‘Agile Organizations & Collective leadership’ imparts cross-disciplinary knowledge and introduces a new mindset that prepares leading managers and executives for changing demands in a volatile, complex and digitalized organization. It gives a deep understanding for conscious and comprehensive design of the ‘collective mind’, the organizational space of thought, communication.


The international university course is accredited by ACBSP.
Furthermore the Danube Business School is a member of the PRME initiative launched by the United Nations.


Course option
Certified Program
Master of Business Administration
Admission requirements
Study or an equivalent qualification according to regulations
Study or an equivalent qualification according to regulations
Learning format
2 Semester, part time
4 Semester, part time
Course fee
EUR 5.900,--
EUR 14.400,--
Summer semester 2021
continuously possible
German and English
German and English
Regulation (Curriculum)


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