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Studying and Bologna process

Danube University Krems is a public university specialized in university-based continuing education. As a public university it is subject to the same accountability and examination duties towards the federal ministry as are all public universities in Austria.
According to Austrian law, public universities are not subject to any obligations concerning accreditation. Nevertheless, Danube University Krems requests accreditation for many of its courses by international agencies.
Studying at Danube University Krems
Danube University Krems offers university-based continuing education in the form of university courses. All university courses are extraordinary courses (University Law, §51(20)). According to this law, attendees of university courses are extraordinary students.
Danube University Krems offers programs culminating in a Master's degree, as well as academic programs and certification programs (brief programs).
The students' achievements in university courses can be accredited for their regular studies. The ultimate authority for the decision always rests with the organisation or university providing the accreditation.

University courses culminating in a Master's degree
Austrian Master's degrees in continuing education are issued after completion of university courses (in addition to other types of courses). These courses are comparable with foreign Master's courses in respect of entrance requirements, scope, and prerequisites.
Evaluation in Austria:
Master's degrees in continuing education are academic degrees based on a completed specialized training (continuing education) with strong emphasis on the respective profession, for which a qualified degree or an equivalent qualification is an admission requirement. University courses are equivalent courses which may entitle a student to be admitted for a doctorate course; this equivalence will be reviewed by the concerned university in the individual case. In terms of professional law, a Master's degree obtained in the course of one's continuing education may be a prerequisite for being permitted to perform certain types of commercial work.
Master's degrees in continuing education are not identical with a Master's degree obtained after completion of one's regular studies.
International evaluation:
Master's degrees in continuing education correspond to the specialization courses parallel to doctorate courses, which are offered in some countries (e.g. "Magistar" in Croatia; "Master Universitario" in Italy, etc.). A student with a Master's degree should not assume he will be automatically admitted to a doctorate course in a foreign country; however, this may occur in some cases.

Having an academic Master's degree
According to § 88 of the Austrian University Law of 2002, those with a Master's degree are entitled to mention the degree after their name and request its entry in abbreviated form on certificates.

Studying at Danube University Krems and the Bologna process
The aim of the Bologna Declaration is to create a European space for higher education by 2010. This objective will be achieved by implementing the so-called Bologna goals:
  • Introduction of a system of easily comprehensible and comparable degrees (Diploma Supplement)
  • Creation of a two-stage study system
  • Introduction of an ECTS-compatible credit system
  • Promotion of highest possible mobility for students, teachers, scientists and administrators
  • Promotion of European cooperation in quality assurance
  • Promotion of the European dimension in the sector of higher education
  • Lifelong learning / transparency of the educational system and accreditation of previously obtained qualifications
Thus, the Bologna process encompasses a wide spectrum of goals and projects. Danube University Krems is committed to pursue these goals, and implements these in their respective areas. Specifically, these include the following:
  • The designation of ECTS credits in all university courses
  • Issuing the Diploma Supplement together with the final grade certificate
  • Full eligibility for students and staff in mobility schemes (Erasmus) 
  • Quality assurance systems in accordance with European standards
  • Promotion of internationalisation for students and lecturers (large percentage of international students and teachers)
  • Lifelong learning by providing purpose-oriented curricula for courses to be taken by employed persons (modules, block courses) and accreditation of previously obtained qualifications