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Rectorate of Danube University Krems


Members of the Rectorate: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Viktoria Weber, Vice-Rector for Research, Rector Mag. Friedrich Faulhammer, Univ.-Prof. DDr. Thomas Ratka, LL.M., Vice-Rector for Academic Teaching/Scientific Continuing Education (Photo coming soon)


The Rectorate manages the University and represents the latter in external matters. Together with the University Council it plans the University's strategic development and counsels the latter with the Senate. In cooperation with the faculties it devises a plan of development which includes decisions concerning major points of focus in teaching and research as well as measures for further internationalization and enhancement of the University's activities.

The Rectorate's tasks have been established in § 22 (1) of the University Law 2002. These include the following:
Presenting a plan of organization for adoption by the University Council
Formulating a draft for a service level agreement
Nomination of heads of organizational units
Issuing the authority to teach
Admission of students
Ordering and publishing evaluations
Presenting the balance sheet and the work progress report to the federal minister
The Rectorate's tasks in detail are established in the bylaws of Danube University Krems.

Office of the Rectorate

Danube University Krems, B3 (new building, wing B, 3rd floor)
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