Florian Reisky, M.A. MA

Danube University Krems

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Publications (Extract Research Database)

Brozmanová Gregorová, A.; Matulayová, T.; Tkadlcíková, L.; Vodsedalek, V.; Rusu, A. S.; Costea-Barlu$iu, C.; Pausits, A.; Reisky, F.; Culum, B.; Jelenc, L.; Sporer, T.; Husterer, I.; Svidronová, M. M.; Kubealaková, M.; Bariaková, Z.; Šolcová, J.; Nemcová, L.; Heinzová, Z.; Rovnanová, L. (2019). Teacher training in service-learning. Manual for trainers. 1. Edition, Matej Bel University Press, Banská Bystrica

Kivistö, J.; Pekkola, E.; Pausits, A.; Reisky, F.; Mugabi, H. (2017). Policy impacts on human resource management in higher education – A comparison between Austria and Finland. Paper presented at the CHER 30th Annual Conference in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Mugabi, H.; Pekkola, E.; Kivistö; J.; Pausits, A.; Reisky, F., Susanj, Z. (2017). The Functions of Human Resource Management in Higher Education Institutions: A Literature Review. Paper presented at the EAIR 39th Annual Forum in Porto, Portugal

Pausits, A.; Reisky, F.; Humer, R. (2017). Career tracks for academic staff in teaching-intensive, practice-oriented universities. The case of Danube University Krems . Paper presented at the EAIR 39th Annual Forum in Porto, Portugal

Pausits, A.; Pircher, R. (2011). Knowledge and Information Management in Higher Education. University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Economics, The International Scientific Journal of Management Information Systems: 8-16

Pausits, A.; Reisky, F. (2010). Modernisation of university management in the West Balkan Region. EAIR, Conference CD-Rom

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Prozesse im Personalmanagement an Hochschulen – Ergebnisse aus dem Projekt HRMinHEI

Prozesse und Professionalität im Personalmanagement an Hochschulen, Wien, Österreich, 27/11/2018

Human Resources Management in Higher Education Institutions - Country Findings Austria

Workshop on Functions of Human Resources Management in Higher Education; Agency for Science and Higher Education, Zagreb, 23/02/2017

Expectation driven curriculum development in international education – Embedding the prospective students’ view

The Impact of Higher Education: Addressing the challenges of the 21st century. EAIR 35th Annual Forum 2013. Rotterdam, the Netherlands., 29/08/2013

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