DUKonline is a student platform. It provides you with information about your programs and courses as well as the timetables. You can see your study status and print your study sheet and certificates.

When you begin your studies, the Service Center for Students will send you a PIN code with which you can set up access to your account. Once your account is active, you will automatically receive a Danube University Krems e-mail address.


Students need a PIN code, which they will receive from the Service Center for Students at the beginning of their studies.

Enter the following information:

  • PIN code
  • Student number
  • Date of birth


The system validates your PIN code and automatically assigns you a user name. You can choose your own password consisting of at least 6 characters with letters and numbers. You will then receive a summary with your user name and your DUK e-mail address (first name.surname@edu.donau-uni.ac.at).

Your access has now been activated and you can login with your user name and password via the key icon. 

The DUKonline password is valid for all Danube University Krems’ network services (e-mail, Wi-Fi, NetStorage) with the exception of Moodle and the library.

Attention: The e-mail account will not work until 90 minutes after redeeming the PIN code.

Admin-related information from the Service Center for Students will be sent to your DUK e-mail address. Forwarding to another e-mail address is possible, and must be set up by the students themselves. (See Info E-Mail System for Students).


After you have registered on DUKonline, your profile will appear. By clicking on “Edit” you can add some personal information. The following functions are available:



Registration Status and Participation Fee

A list of all your courses with your study status (registered for, closed) and a list of your participation fees with your payment status (due, paid).

Leave of absence request

here you can download your application for leave of absence - more information

Exam results

A list of all your exams and results.


All examinations taken during the course of study are shown in the Academic Record. (Recognized examinations do not appear!)

Registration Documents

Print Record of Studies and Confirmation of Registration

Current/Home Address

Manage your addresses. Don’t forget to enter any changes to your addresses!

Information Platforms

Miscellaneous information and help documents about DUK online services.

GroupWise Webaccess

Link to your personal Mailbox at DUK. You can login with your DUKonline user name and password. You can also opt to forward to another e-mail address here.

Web portal (NetStorage)

The web portal gives you access to all DUK online services. The “NetStorage” application lets you access all your network drives.

DUK Moodle

Link to E-Learning-System Moodle.

Login Library-Account

here you get to your personal library account


Link to u:book-Site (Notebooks for sale at the beginning of the semester).

Apple CampusStore

Link to Apple CampusStore (Apple products for sale).

Change password

The password is also valid for e-mail, Wi-Fi and NetStorage. (Info change password)


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