For guests, seminar participants, etc. a guest account can be created, which is valid for 14 days. You will receive your access data from your contact person at Danube University Krems.

Students and employees access "DUKAirnet" be using their network account’s data (Novell Account).

Only a few configuration settings, or none at all, are required on the end device (e. g. your laptop or other mobile devices) for connection to WIFI. Please select and connect to WIFI "DUKAirnet". After opening the web browser and entering any URL (e. g., the WIFI login page automatically calls up. Now, please enter your user name and password to access the Internet.

User name: WLAN-example
Password: guest password


Please note that you will have to re-enter your user data after a long time of inactivity and that data transmission is decoded. The security level is equivalent to a public hotspot! Sensitive data should therefore be encrypted when being transmitted (SMTPS, SSH, SFTP, HTTPS, ...)!


Alternative WIFI access

  • For Danube University Krems’ students and staff member’s private devices, as well as guests with eduroam authorization, we recommend using the encrypted SSID "eduroam". For more information, please click onto eduroam.
  • For Danube University Krems’ devices (those of the employees), we recommend the encrypted SSID "DUKDevice" enabling the usage of all internal services (file servers, printers, etc.). Please contact the IT Unit on this matter.

Short Manual

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