Dr. Nikolaus König

Danube University Krems

Projects (Extract Research Database)

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Pfeiffer, A.; König, N. (2019). Blockchain Technologies and Their Impact on Game-Based Education and Learning Assessment. In: Elmenreich, W.; Gabriel S.; Schniz, F.; Pölsterl, G.; Schallegger, R., Savegame, Perspektiven der Game Studies: 55-67, Springer VS, Wiesbaden

Pfeiffer, A.; König, N.; Wernbacher, Th.; Yaffe L. (2019). Learning-Record Store on Blockchain: A Glimpse Into the Future. In: Kalir, J. H., Proceedings of the 2018 Connected Learning Summit: 349, CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY: ETC PRESS PITTSBURGH, PA, PITTSBURGH

Black, M.; Donelan, L.; Higgins, T; Koenig, N; Lenzen, B; Muniz, N; Patel, K.; Pfeiffer, A.; Taylan, A.; Thomas, A.; Wernbacher, T. (2019). From Learning to Assessment. Utilizing Blockchain Technologies in Gaming Environments to Secure Learning Outcomes and Test Results. The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, MCAST Journal of Applied Research & Practice, Vol. 3, Issue 1: 172, Tik Communications., Handaq, Qormi, Malta

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Digital Games for 21st century skills

eTwinning Professional Development Workshop, 12/12/2019

Spielen & Lernen: Die Motivationskraft des Spielerischen unter der Lupe

Corporate Learning 3. Jahresforum, Wien, Österreich, 28/11/2019

The Crisis of Democracy, the Problem With Algorithms, the Lack of Discord, the Truth About Reality and Fantasy and the Most Important Thing About Humans in 5 Minutes or Less

Connected Learning Summit 2019, Irvine, USA, 04/10/2019

Outputs & Insights From 12 Years of Game-Based Learning Research at the Danube-University Krems’ Center for Applied Game Studies

Connected Learning Summit 2019, Irvine, USA, 04/10/2019

Game-based and Gamified Assessments (extended Workshop; pre-conference day)

Connected Learning Summit 2019, Irvine, USA, 02/10/2019

Gamification - Vorstellung und Einsatzmöglichkeiten im edukativen Bereich

Fachtagung: OeAD macht Schule, Wien, Österreich, 30/04/2019

Artificial Intelligence and the Art of Appearing Intelligent

Malta AI Hackathon 18, 30/11/2018

Das dezentrale Spiel: Warum Blockchain und Spiel perfekt zusammenpassen

Future and Reality of Gaming (FROG) 2018, Rathaus Wien, Österreich, 21/10/2018

Outputs and Insights from 13 years of running the applied game studies programme at Donau Universität Krems

Central and Eastern European Game Studies Conference 2018 (CEEGS), Prag, Tschechische Republik, 11/10/2018

Play theory, Gamification and beyond: Considerations on Game-based Education

Game On Kiew: Education and Creative Industry, 04/10/2018

Learning Record Store on Blockchain - a glimpse into the Future

Connected Learning Summit 2018 at MIT, Boston, USA, 03/08/2018

Gamification - Mehr als ein neues Modewort für "Spielen"?

OÖ Zukunftsakademie: "Spielen-Lernen-Arbeiten: Die Motivationskraft des Spielerischen als Trend in der Lern- und Arbeitswelt", 19/06/2018

The Game-based Learning Toolkit

Digital Games for Learning Event, Esplora, Il-Kalkara, Malta, 17/01/2018

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