Mag. Ursula Griebler, PhD MPH

Danube University Krems

Ursula Griebler

Mag. Ursula Griebler, PhD MPH

Academic Associate - Center for Evaluation

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Publications (Extract Research Database)

Pfinder, M.; Heise, T.L.; Hilton Boon, M.; Pega, F.; Fenton, C.; Griebler, U.; Gartlehner, G.; Sommer, I.; Katikireddi, S.V.; Lhachimi, S.K. (2020). Taxation of unprocessed sugar or sugar-added foods for reducing their consumption and preventing obesity or other adverse health outcomes. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Issue 4: Art. No.: CD012333.

Teufer, B.; Ebenberger, A.; Affengruber, L.; Kien, C.; Klerings, I.; Szelag, M.; Grillich, L.; Griebler, U. (2019). Evidence-based occupational health and safety interventions: a comprehensive overview of reviews. BMJ Open, 9:e032528: doi:10.1136/ bmjopen-2019-032528

Griebler, U.; Rehfuess, E. (2019). Qualitätsgesicherte Public Health-Maßnahmen: welche Rolle spielen Cochrane und Cochrane Public Health Europe? Public Health Forum, 27(3): 229-231/

Busert, L.K.; Mütsch, M.; Kien, C.; Flatz, A.; Griebler, U.; Wildner, M.; Stratil, J.M.; Rehfuess, E.A.; (2018). Facilitating evidence uptake: development and user testing of a systematic review summary format to inform public health decision-making in German-speaking countries. Health Research Policy and Systems, 16: 59

Sommer, I.; Griebler, U.; Kien, C.; Auer, S.; Klerings, I.; Hammer, R.; Holzer, P.; Gartlehner, G. (2017). Vitamin D deficiency as a risk factor for dementia: a systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Geriatrics, 17(1): doi: 10.1186/s12877-016-0405-0

Griebler, U. (2017). Cochrane für die Gesundheit der Bevölkerung in Europa. Qualitas, 04/2017

Griebler, U.; Bruckmüller, M.U.; Kien, C.; Dieminger, B.; Meidlinger, B.; Seper, K.; Hitthaller, A.; Emprechtinger, R.; Wolf, A.; Gartlehner, G. (2016). Health effects of cow’s milk consumption in infants up to 3 years of age: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Public Health Nutrition, 19(2): 293-307

Heise, T.L.; Katikireddi, S.V.; Pega, F.; Gartlehner, G.; Fenton, C.; Griebler, U.; Sommer, I.; Pfinder, M.; Lhachimi, S.K. (2016). Taxation of unprocessed sugar or sugar-added foods for reducing their consumption and preventing obesity or other adverse health outcomes: Protocols. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 8, CD012319: 1-38

Nußbaumer-Streit, B.; Yeoh, B; Griebler, U.; Pfadenhauer, L.M.; Brusert, L.K.; Lhachimi, S.K.; Lohner, S.; Gartlehner, G. (2016). Review: Household interventions for preventing domestic lead exposure in children. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, CD006047. pub.5

Lhachimi, S.K.; Busert, L.K.; Flatz, A.; Gartlehner, G.; Griebler, U.; Heise, TL.; Mütsch, M.; Rehfuess, E.A. (2016). Reaching out to Europe — Cochrane Public Health Europe and its research agenda. ZEFQ, 110-111: 104-106

Sommer, I.; Griebler, U.; Mahlknecht, P.; Thaler, K.; Bouskill, K.; Gartlehner, G.; Mendis, S. (2015). Socioeconomic inequalities in non-communicable diseases and their risk factors: an overview of systematic reviews. BMC Public Health, 15:914: 1-12

Thaler, K.; Kien, C.; Nußbaumer, B.; Van Noord, MG.; Griebler, U.; Klerings, I.; Gartlehner, G; on behalf of the UNCOVER Project Consortium. (2015). Inadequate use and regulation of interventions against publication bias decreases their effectiveness: a systematic review. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 68(7): 792-802

Griebler, U.; Rojatz; D.; Simovska, V.; Forster, R. (2014). Effects of student participation in school health promotion - a systematic review. Health Promotion International,

Kien, C.; Nußbaumer, B.; Thaler, K.; Griebler, U.; Van Noord, M.G.; Wagner, P.; Gartlehner, G. (2014). Barriers to and facilitators of interventions to counter publication bias: thematic analysis of scholarly articles and stakeholder interviews. BMC Health Services Research, 14:551: 1-13

Griebler, U.; Bruckmüller, M.U.; Kien, C.; Dieminger, B.; Meidlinger, M.; Seper, K.; Hitthaller, A.; Wuest, N.; Froeschl, N.; Buerger, B.; Greisinger, S.; Kiefer, I.; Wolf, A.; Gartlehner, G. (2014). Gesundheitliche Aspekte von Tiermilchkonsum bis zum Ende des dritten Lebensjahres - Systematische Übersichtsarbeit (Update 2014). Jem - Journal für Ernährungsmedizin, Nummer 2: 8-11, Österreich

Glechner, A.; Wöckel, A.; Gartlehner, G.; Thaler, K.; Strobelberger, M.; Griebler, U.; Kreienberg, R. (2013). Sentinel lymph node dissection only versus complete axillary lymph node dissection in early invasive breast cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis. European Journal of Cancer, 49: 812-825

Mesgarpour, B.; Griebler, U.; Glechner, A.; Kien, C.; Strobelberger, M.; Van Noord, M.; Michalek-Sauberer, A. (2013). Extended-release opioids in the management of cancer pain: A systematic review of efficacy and safety. European Journal of Pain

Nitsch, M.; Waldherr, K.; Denk, E.; Griebler, U.; Marent, B.; Forster, R. (2013). Participation by Dirfferent Stakeholders in Participatory Evaluation of Health Promotion - A Literature Review. Evaluation and Program Planning, 40: 42-54

Griebler, U.; Nowak, P. (2012). Student councils: a tool for health-promoting schools? Health Education, 112(2): 105-132

Mager, U. (=Griebler, U.); Nowak, P. (2012). Effects of student participation in decision making at School. A systematic review an synthesis of empirical research. Educational Research Review, 7 (1): 38-61

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